• NAIP Consortium on Strengthening Statistical Computing for NARS ( targets at providing

    • research guidance in statistical computing and creating sound and healthy statistical computing environment and
    • providing advanced, versatile, innovative and state-of the-art high end statistical packages for analysis of data so as to enable drawing meaningful and valid inferences and converting research output into knowledge
    • The efforts also involve design intelligent algorithms to implement statistical techniques particularly for analyzing massive data sets, simulation, bootstrap, etc

  • The objectives of the consortium are:

    • To strengthen the high end statistical computing environment for the scientists in NARS
    • To organize customized training programmes and also to develop training modules and manuals for the trainers at various hubs
    • To sensitize the Scientists in NARS with the Statistical computing facility and statistical techniques.

    Procurement and Installation

  • A General purpose Statistical Software Package has been procured with 151 licenses including one Enterprise Business Intelligence Server for perpetual use with three years updates and upgrades. The package can be installed on multiple official machines both in standalone as well as intranet mode. The software is installed on 2750 computers of 151 NARS organizations (on an average more than 18 computers per NARS organization)
  • Capacity Building

  • 209 trainers have been trained through 30 working days training programmes on SAS: A Comprehensive Overview and SAS Genetics/JMP Genomics and 6 days training programme on Data Analysis Using SAS across 85 NARS organizations

  • 180 research personnel have been trained in the Installation of the software

  • 2166 research personnel have been trained on Data Analysis using SAS through 104 training programmes of one week duration each including 37 trainings at different organizations and 15 subject specific training programmes

  • 164 researchers have been trained by nodal officers at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore and NRCAF, Jhansi; IGFRI, Jhansi; Junagarh Agricultural University, Junagarh; IGKV, Raipur

  • 246 (156 research scholars and 90 RAs/SRFs) have also been trained

  • Organized 21 Sensitization workshops at Directorate of Sorghum Research, Hyderabad; Directorate of Oilseeds Research, Hyderabad; Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Kochi; ICAR RCER, Patna; NCAP, New Delhi; NBAIM, Mau; Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel University of Agricultural and Technology, Meerut; NCIPM, New Delhi; Project Directorate on Cattle, Meerut; IIVR, Varanasi; DOGR, Pune; ICAR RC NEHR Sikkim; CIFE, Mumbai; NDRI, Karnal; College of Agriculture, Baptla (ANGRAU); TANUVAS, Chennai; NBPGR, New Delhi; SVPUAT, Meerut and MPUAT, Udaipur.
  • Indian NARS Statistical Computing Portal

  • For providing service oriented computing, Indian NARS Statistical Computing portal has been established which is available to NARS users through IP authentication at Any researcher from Indian NARS may obtain User name and password from Nodal Officers of their respective NARS organizations, list available at It is a paradigm of computing techniques that operate on software-as-a-service). There is no need of installation of statistical package at client side.

  • Following 22 analysis modules are available on this portal:

    1. Analysis of data generated from completely randomised designs

    2. Analysis of data generated from Block Designs (includes both complete and incomplete block designs)

    3. Analysis of data generated from Resolvable Block Designs

    4. Analysis of data generated from Augmented Block Designs

    5. Analysis of data generated from Combined Block Designs

    6. Analysis of data generated from Row-Column Designs

    7. Analysis of data generated from Nested Block Designs

    8. Analysis of data generated from Split Plot Designs

    9. Analysis of data generated from Split-Split-Plot Designs

    10. Analysis of data generated from Split Factorial (main A, sub B & C) designs

    11. Analysis of data generated from Split Factorial (main A & B, sub C & D) designs

    12. Analysis of data generated from Strip Plot Designs

    13. Fitting of Response Surfaces

    14. Descriptive Statistics

    15. Univariate Distribution Fitting

    16. Test of Significance based on t-test

    17. Test of Significance based on Chi-Square test

    18. Linear Discriminant Analysis

    19. Principal Component Analysis

    20. Correlation

    21. Regression Analysis

    22. Estimation of Heritability from half sib data

  • The above modules can be used by uploading *.xlsx, *.csv and *.txt files and results can be saved as *.RTF or *.pdf files. This has helped them in analyzing their data in an efficient manner without losing any time.
  • Macros for Customized Analysis

  • For customized analysis, macros for analysis of augmented designs, split split plot designs, split factorial designs, econometric analysis (diversity indices, instability index, compound growth rate, Garret scoring technique and Demand analysis using LA-AIDS model) have been developed and made available on the project website
  • Other IP Authenticated Services

  • Web Report Studio:

  • BI DashBoard:

  • Web OLAP Viewer:

  • E-Miner 6.1:

  • E-Miner 7.1:
  • Reference Manuals Developed and made available at this website

  • Data Analysis Using SAS

  • Genetics/ Genomics Data Analysis Using SAS

  • Data Analysis in Social Sciences Research Using SAS

  • Data Mining Using SAS

  • Data Analysis of Agroforestry Experiments Using SAS

  • Data Analysis of Natural Resources Management Research Using SAS

  • Data Analysis of Farm Implements and machinery Research

  • Data Analysis Using R

News and Events
-Copyrights received for
INDIAN NARS STATISTICAL COMPUTING PORTAL: L-55719/2013 & SW-7397/2013 on October 25, 2013
-Macros of analysis of data from Split Plot (Main AxB, Sub c) Design and Strip Split Plot Design uploaded
-Macros of Generating Polycross and TFNBCB desings uploaded
-Macros of Generating Treatment Combination SFTSMCRS uploaded
-Multi Java environment user guide uploaded(available in "Publcations" link)
-SAS University Edition Installation Manual has been uploaded under the "Publications" tab.
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