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It is a red letter day for IASRI in particular and agricultural statisticians in general to embark on a most timely initiative to reinvigorate the system with advanced facilities and skills.

Dr. Mruthyunjaya
Former National Director, NAIP, ICAR, New Delhi
On the Occasion of Launch Workshop
Dated: 06.06.2010

This is one of my most favorite sub-project of NAIP. I am personally satisfied with the way trainings are conducted, the manuals are prepared and the practicals are held. Congratulations to IASRI and specially to Dr. Rajender Parsad for leading this futuristic highly impact investment for NARS.

Dr. R.C. Agrawal
National Coordinator, NAIP-I, KAB- II, ICAR, New Delhi
Dated: 10.01.2011

In my opinion the initiative taken by NAIP for "Strengthening Statistical Computing for NARS" is a project which will bring a sea change in the standards of Data Processing in the country. The focus for capacity building through this initiative is very commendable. I congratulate and compliment the team of scientists at IASRI for having taken up this responsibility. The dividends of this initiative will be visible much sooner than expected.

Dr. A.K. Singh
DDG (NRM), ICAR, New Delhi
Dated: 15.01.2011

I had the opportunity today to interact with the participants called for a training programme on SAS. The scientists from different parts of the country have been immensely benefited by the various training programmes organized by IASRI. This programme was specially for the agro-forestry programme and proved to be very useful. The innovative approach and personal touch has been unique at this Institute and served the NARS System in an effective manner. The facilities are quite good and updated regularly. I wish all success for this Institute.

Dr. Arvind Kumar
DDG (Education), ICAR, KAB-II, New Delhi
Dated: 22.01.2011

NRCAF has explored and utilized the strength of IASRI for the benefit of its scientists and also partners of NARS. We have been benefited both at NRCAF & AICRP on AF for strengthening the knowledge base and also for designing and implementing the experiments on fields. The training programme on SAS for the AICRP on AF has benefited the scientists immensely as per the feedback and I am sure they will be using it for analysis of the AF experimental data. I am definitely convinced that the program/software made available through IASRI & NAIP has been a very positive step in the right direction. I am thankful to the Director & Dr. Parsad for this proactive approach. NRCAF will be in touch for the future program.

Dr. S. K. Dhyani,
Director, NRC for Agro forestry, Jhansi-284003, UP
Dated: 22.01.2011

A path breaking milestone in the history of Agriculture research which would improve the quality of publications and the image of Indian Journals. This is one step where researchers and planners and the end users would be immensely benefited. I wish the initiative a great success.

Dr. O.M. Bambawale
Director, NCIPM, New Delhi

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Dated 21.02.2011

I am very happy to be with IASRI team and learn all about the training program on SAS and also hear the wonderful observations of the participants, who apparently are very happy. IASRI has empowered the ICAR/SAU scientists and provided them with a powerful Statistical Tool. I am very happy that the critical manpower and its technical competence is improved by IASRI through this training program. I am grateful to IASRI for providing with an opportunity to interact with participants.

Dr. Raj Gupta
Dated: 26.02.2011

Excellent progress, impact and visibility in NARS created by SAS in a short period of about 1 year. Keep up the same momentum, it would enhance efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of NARS.

Dr. Bangali Baboo
National Director, NAIP, ICAR, New Delhi
Dated: 28.04.2011

Excellent training programme which will also serve the purpose of strengthening NARS and also strengthen teaching programme. Congratulations to the whole team.

Prof. Satish K. Garg
Dean, Veterinary College, PDUVASU, Mathura
Dated: 21.05.2011

Excellent training programme for teachers, research workers and students. This will extend their capability for better analysis of their research data.

Prof. Kranti, Dean
College of Biotechnology, PDUVASU, Mathura
Dated: 21.05.2011

Very relevant and timely programme for NARS scientists.

Dr. S. Sreenivasan
Ex-Director, CIRCOT, Mumbai
Dated: 19.09.2011

Ideal wedding of Statistics with Data Analysis in virtual platform. Scope is large as one might say infinity. Keep it up.

Dr. C. Devakumar
ADG (EPD), ICAR, New Delhi
Dated: 10.10.2011

Data documentation, computing and analysis needs to be taken to the logical conclusion of defending one's case based on available records. Multiplying this message through such training programmes is commendable. Developed the enthusiasm among the participants.

Dr. S. Mauria
ADG (IP&TM), ICAR, New Delhi
Dated: 15.10.2011

Highly impressive training module for the scientists of NARS. The efforts of Director, PI and the faculty to make the training programme are highly commendable. I am sure the efforts of the Institute in this regard will bring a sea-change in the quality of research outputs of the scientific work in NARS.

Dr. NPS Sirohi
ADG (Engineering), ICAR, New Delhi
Dated: 14.11.2011

I have interacted with the trainees and I find that everyone is enthusiastically involved in getting empowered with right statistical tools. The culture needs to be inculcated throughout the NARS.

Dr. Pitam Chandra
Director, CIAE, Bhopal
Dated: 16.11.2011

IASRI under the leadership of Dr. Rajender Parsad is providing excellent training to the scientists of ICAR Institutes and SAU's. I wish to maintain same in future also.

Dr. Surindra Singh
PC (FIM), CIAE, Bhopal
Dated: 16.11.2011

Need based training with excellent feedback from the participants. Congrats to organisers.

Dr. A.P. Srivastava
National Co-ordinator, NAIP-III, ICAR, New Delhi
Dated: 19.11.2011

A training programme on Data Analysis using SAS is being organized by IASRI, New Delhi and NDUAT, Kumarganj at main campus of NDUAT, Faizabad from 19th to 24th March, 2012 under the project "Strengthening Statistical Computing for NARS" sponsored by NAIP, ICAR, New Delhi. The training programme has been inaugurated on 19th March, 2012. I hope this training programme will be useful for the scientists of our university and other organizations who are participating in this training programme for analysing the data and interpretation of their results of research work. I wish all the organizers and trainers for good success of this training programme.

Dr. Bhagwan Singh
Dean, College of Agriculture, NDUA&T, Faizabad
Dated: 19.03.2012

I am thankful to the Director, IASRI, New Delhi and Dr. Rajender Parsad, P.I. of the project for agreeing to conduct this training programme at NDUA&T, Kumarganj, Faizabad. The training would really help our scientists in the University and they can use SAS in analysing their experimental/surveys data for better statistical inference of the results and its presentation.

Dr. B.V.S. Sisodia
NDUA&T, Faizabad
Dated: 20.03.2012

It is a silent revolution in capacity building. This is the only project where no excuses for delay have been made and as a matter of fact the achievements are more than targeted.

Dr. S. Ayyappan
Secretary, DARE and Director General, ICAR, New Delhi
On the Occasion of Nodal Officers Workshop
Dated: 25.06.2013

I am thankful and grateful to our Honourable Vice Chancellor and Dr. Rajender Parsad, IASRI and their team to make sincere efforts for coordinating this training programme for faculty/member of our University. I hope this training programme will be beneficial for our faculty members and University.

Dr. B.S. Baghel, Dean
Faculty of Agriculture, RVSKVV, Gwalior, MP
Dated: 18.02.2013

I was very pleased with the feedback given by the participants of this course which indicated that it was an excellent effort. The entire IASRI team deserved to be complimented for this. Very useful task of making the staff and the students aware of the latest statistical techniques.

Dr. A.K. Singh,
Faculty of Agriculture, RVSKVV, Gwalior, MP
Dated: 18.02.2013

I am extremely happy that SAS training is being organized at SKRAU, Bikaner on March 04-09, 2013. I am quite sure that the training will prove very useful to the participating scientists of SKRAU and will go a long way in improving the research system.

Dr. A.K. Dahama
Vice Chancellor, SKRAU, Bikaner
Dated: 04.03.2013

I am confident that this SAS training will prove useful and rewarding towards improving professional efficiency of the staff. Ph.D. Scholars should also be involved in such trainings. I congratulate the PI and other scientists for undertaking this project for use in the NARS.

Dr. M.P. Sahu
Dean & Faculty Chairman, College of Agriculture, SKRAU, Bikaner
Dated: 04.03.2013

I am happy to see the world class computing facility along with the dedicated and unique portal for statistical data analysis. I compliment the team and congratulate the CPI for huge capacity building in the NARS for statistical data analysis.

Dr. P.S. Pandey
National Co-ordinator, NAIP-I, ICAR, New Delhi
Dated: 28.06.2013

Thanks for your mail updating with the developments ... highly impressed with the progress made and the impact it is making. I recall the efforts made by all of us in pushing the project through. We can look back with lot of satisfaction.Big credit goes to you for championing its implementation.

Dr. NT Yaduraju
Former, National Co-ordinator, NAIP-I, ICAR, New Delhi
Presently at ICRISAT, Hyderabad
Dated: 20.08.2013

I compliment Dr. Rajender Parsad the Consortium P.I. of the NAIP Project 'Strengthening Statistical Computing for NARS' for the excellent achievements so far made in creating facilities for statistical computing, training and actual use of the SAS and other software. A revolutionary change has occurred in the NARS system for computing and research output. With so much output from the project put up in the internet for utilizing by the agricultural research workers, there will be a sea change in data generation, database creation, analysis and interpretation. It has initiated a good base with interactive facility made available in NARS.

Dr. A. Subba Rao
Director, IISS, Bhopal
Dated: 09.12.2013

My complements to Dr. Rajender Parsad for taking this project to such greater heights.

Dr. U.C. Sud
Director, IASRI, New Delhi
Dated: 29.01.2014

A very impressive and meaningful venture. Will have a big impact on the quality of agricultural research. The whole team deserves accolades. A job done with perfection.

Dr. V.K. Gupta
ICAR, National Professor
Dated: 29.01.2014

Excellent training progromme conducted very effectively and efficiently. The project should provide many such programmes in future for enhanced visibility and use of statistical packages.

Dr. Kanchan Kumar Singh
ADG (Engineering), ICAR, New Delhi
Dated: 05.02.2014

Thanks for your mail with updating on the excellent output and impact of the project under your leadership. Please accept my heartiest congratulations for the achievements. I wish you similar grand successes in your future endeavours.

Dr. MM Pandey
Former DDG (Engineering), ICAR New Delhi
Dated: 22.05.2014

What Researchers/Users Say...

I earnestly appreciate the efforts of IASRI for providing the SAS in such a dynamic way to execute. This surely enriches our knowledge about SAS. It will be better if any diploma/crash course (Internationally allied) about SAS to be planned to accomplish.

Sh. Prasenjit Pal
RA, NCIPM, New Delhi
Dated: 27.11. 2010

The training programme which is going on Data Analysis using SAS is quite useful to interpret our data. It is very useful in doing analysis in better way.

Dr.(Mrs.) P. Lakshmi Soujanya
Scientist,Directorate of Maize Research, New Delhi
Dated: 05.02.2011

I would like to thank you and your team for providing the opportunity to learn about SAS. I really enjoyed and learned lot. This will definitely help me to publish my research work in high impact factor journal. Further I would like to share one thing, that I used this SAS package for my PhD thesis analysis and one of my PhD work has been accepted for publication in Elsevier Journal having NAAS impact factor of 7.6 and international impact factor1.7149. Really this type of training will very useful to all agricultural scientist for competing at global level.

Dr. K. Shankarganesh
Scientist,Division of Entomology, IARI, New Delhi
Dated: 08.02.2011

The SAS programme along with JMP software installed on our machines at our regional station in the week immediately following our training programme in Delhi. You will be glad to know that a couple of my colleagues have also started using the packages. We are currently in exploratory mode and using both the training manual and the help module in the package itself! ... Many thanks again for the well designed training programme that kept us on our toes and challenged us to remember the various principles involved! JMP graphics is a delight to use.

Dr. Kamala Venkateswaran
Senior Scientist,NBPGR, Regional Station, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad
Dated: 28.02.2011

I was one of the trainees of the training programme on Data Analysis using SAS... during 21st Feb to 26th Feb,2011. ... really delighted to have this training on SAS. … thrilled to have this hand on training … earlier communicated my two of my research papers to Euphytica , a leading journal on Plant breeding, the data were to be analysed in SAS. I got it analysed from one of my lab mates from Jack Staub’s Laboratory, University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA … Then both of my papers were published in Euphytica (details mentioned below) with slight modifications.... This story I wanted to share with you because the analysing power of SAS can only be measured when we had the problem of publishing the papers in good journals of high impact factor. After attending the last training at your Institute, I have some confidence to analyse my breeding experiment data. If I find any difficulty, I will seek your help in future.

Dr. Tusar Kanti Behera
Senior Scientist, Division of Vegetable Science
IARI, New Delhi
Dated: 23.03.2011

Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to attend this important training. Really, it was useful and I have started using the same in my researching endeavours. ... We were planning to purchase SAS for our centre. But, after knowing that this is being provided by IASRI, We did not purchase the same. We could save around Rs. 20 Lakhs on this account without adversely affecting our activities.

Dr. Anjani Kumar
Principal Scientist, NCAP, New Delhi
Dated: 25.03.2011

Utilizing SAS software, a very powerful tool for mixed model analysis of non-orthogonal animal breeding data to determine the effect of fixed and random variables on the production and reproduction traits and estimation of breeding values ... used SAS for fitting of various lactation curve models in Karan Fries cattle

Dr. Avtar Singh
Principal Scientist (Animal Genetics & Breeding),
Dairy Cattle Breeding Division, NDRI, Karnal
Dated: 15.04. 2011

The division of PHT is one of the major beneficiary of the training programmes conducted by your division. You will be glad to know that one of our technical person trained by you on SAS is taking a lot of interest in statistical analyses of huge data of many of our scientists. My heartiest congratulations to you and your team for inducing a lot motivation and removing fear of statistical data analysis.

Dr. R.K. Pal
Head, Division of Post Harvest Technology
IARI, New Delhi
Dated: 10.09. 2011

Used PROC PLAN and PROC GLM and published one paper in Animal Food Science and Technology… four manuscripts sent to foreign journals…developed Higher order Auto-regressive models to forecast livestock feed resources in India … bringing in the form of book.

Dr. KP Suresh,
Scientist (SS), NIANP, Bangalore
Dated: 15.10. 2011

Data interpretation and tools like diffogram makes paper more appealing.

Dr. Amrit Kaur Mahal
Associate Professor of Statistics,
Department of Maths, Statistics and Physics, PAU, Ludhiana
Dated: From Feedback Proforma 13.06.2012

Learned lot of thing during the training … able to publish my first research article in International Journal with international Impact factor 2… analysed 15 data sets using Indian NARS Statistical Computing Portal.

Dr. M. Arivalagan
Scientist, Germplasm Evaluation Division, NBPGR, New Delhi
Dated: 16.06.2012

In microbiology lab of CISH, Lucknow, an experiment was proposed ... consisting of eight treatments (Temperature, pH, Substrate moisture, Innoculum size, Ammonium sulphate, Potassium Phosphate, Magnesium Sulphate and Zinc Sulphate) each at three levels. Full factorial requires 6561 treatment combinations to be studied and it involves more resources. Therefore, ... used the facility in SAS software of generating Taguchi array generated 18 treatment combinations... The experiment was conducted via taguchi array... used JMP for development of models, multivariate analysis, generation of Taguchi array for conducting lab experiments…

Dr. Achal Singh
Senior Scientist & Nodal officer, CISH, Lucknow
Dated: 25.06.2012

Thank you very much ... for the silent revolution made in the field of research using SAS. We have also analysed a set of data of breeding parameters of Mithun using SAS and it is accepted for publication in Indian Veterinary Journal.

Dr. Sabyasachi Mukherjee
Senior Scientist (AGB) and Nodal Officer of SAS,
NRC on Mithun (ICAR), Jharnapani, Medziphema, Nagaland
Dated: 18.03.2013

We are the regular user of the SSCNARS online Statistical tool for analysis of experimental data ... analyzed my field trials data using RBD, SPD, Correlation Coefficient, DMRT and Unblocked Design. This online facility (Indian NARS Statistical Computing Services) is of great relevance in analysis and interpretation of the research data. The tools are user-friendly and also supported with .xlsx file of Microsoft Excel 2007...

Dr. Yash Saharawat
Senior Scientist, Division of Soil Science, IARI, New Delhi
Dated: 02.05.2013

Happy to share with you that one of our studies on 'long-term integrated nutrient management practices on soil aggregates and associated C content' has received favourable review comments from Soil and Tillage Research, one of leading journals in soil science... extremely thankful to you as the Programme Leader for providing us an unique and immensely helpful platform for statistical computing through SSCNARS.

Dr. Debashis Chakraborty
Senior Scientist, Division of Agricultural Physics, IARI, New Delhi

After the introduction of SAS software at our campus, performing genetic diversity studies became very easy. Three important measures of diversity like PIC, Heterozygosity and Allelic diversity can be obtained by simply entering the data generated from molecular analysis along syntax required for PROC ALLELE procedure. In addition to this allele frequencies are also obtained from the same input data.

Sh. R. Ravikiran, Ph. D. Scholar
Plant Biotechnology, AAU, Anand
Dated: From Feedback of Nodal Officer 30.08.2013

I find SAS/Genetics student friendly software, in that once raw data is loaded along with proper syntax lot of information can be generated. The results can be used to compare the information generated from different molecular markers like microsatellites (SSR) and InDel markers when used with same set of cultivars.

Ms Siddhi Patel, M.Sc. Student
Plant Biotechnology, AAU, Anand
Dated: From Feedback of Nodal Officer 30.08.2013

Thank you for updating the IP and few of our scientists were using the SSCNARS portal and were happy about the ready to use report and design server to fit logistic equation and obtain its first and second derivatives to assess nutrient uptake pattern of short day transplanted winter onion crop in Typic Haplustepts at Directorate of Onion and Garlic Research, Pune, India during 2011-12... will help us to develop fertilizer management strategies as per crop nutrient demand as observed in nutrient uptake pattern of onion crop.

Dr. S. Anandhan
Sr. Scientist (Biotechnology) DOGR, Rajgurunagar, Pune
Dated: 04.09.2013

This is the first project at IASRI at this large scale, which makes connections with all NARS Institutions. This was required long back by IASRI and this is the project which connects all NARS institutions to IASRI and from this project, we have learnt many things. I was also fortunately a part of many contract preparation committees and we learnt many things, just like how to make a tender, how to process the case and how to follow the procedures of NAIP and at least I am greatly benefited by this project. JMP Genomics and all other analysis specially one analysis I would like to quote here that in 2005 we had conducted a large scale survey using a complex sampling design for estimation of harvest and post harvest losses in which we have covered 120 districts and studied designs for 25 commodities together. For the data analysis of that particular project, which was very-very difficult task otherwise, we have used this software very extensively. After that also we are using this software extensively, specially, for representing and now the project is also introduced by same Ministry of Food and Processing and here presently we are in the process of collection of data there also we are using this. The power of SAS is very good and at least, I am happy that this is now being understood by the ICAR and almost all the institutions of NARS have now been using SAS. This is very powerful and further to this some of the components which have not been procured under this particular consortia, we made a proposal for procuring under NABG project and this is under process and very soon will implement the whole software on the Grid environment (HPC Environment). There you can do lot of data Mining and data churning including Text Mining and data warehouse building. All those components we are in the process of procurement and that makes the whole system complete and more powerful as compared to today.

Dr. Anil Rai
Head, CABIN,
IASRI, Library Avenue, New Delhi
Dated: 17.09.2013

I am grateful to IASRI/Indian NARS SCP ... for their commendable efforts in making online analysis of data generated through different experiments ... Indian NARS Statistical Computing Portal has made statistical analysis very simple by explaining in very simple language. I could not have analyzed the data with this much ease if it was not there. In fact I am telling to some of my colleagues to make use of this online facility. In fact, one more thing I want to highlight here that ... was very quick in giving his response (which is very much evident in my E-mail correspondence with him) while troubleshooting the problems encountered during data file preparation to getting final results; because of his quick response only I could able to carryout this analysis.

Dr. Chikkappa G. Karjagi
Scientist (Plant Breeding), Winter Nursery Centre Directorate of Maize Research,
Rajendra Nagar, Hyderabad
Dated: 18.10.2013

Development of high throughput LPB assay for estimation of antibodies to structural proteins of FMD virus: As amount of data to be handled is huge (in lakhs) hence is the analysis and compilation is possible only through SAS 9.3 software. We would like to mention that the software has a great help for the ambitious on-going FMD control programme and would like to extend thanks from PDFMD, Mukteswar team to all who are associated with this project and brought SAS to ICAR Institutes. The developed kit will be used throughout the country for estimation of antibody titers against structural proteins of FMDV.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma
PDFMD, Mukteswar
Dated: 23.10.2013

An extraordinary brilliant site giving most integrated description of statistical analysis. Complexities of analysis are well explained. Attention to details is the key factor of this site.

Mrs. Jyoti Gangwani
IASRI, New Delhi
Dated: 23.11.2013

I am the regular user of SAS since my Ph.D days at IASRI (1993). The facility extended by IASRI to maximum institutes/SASu's under NARS is really a boon to all the researchers, students engaged in bringing out the reality of the experimental results by subjecting their data to standard statistical analysis of SSCNARS portal, especially SAS & JMP. Publications in reputed journals of high impact factor is a testimony to its implementation and successful execution. A continued support in one form or the other from IASRI in future is the need of the hour.

Senior Scientist, IIHR, Bengaluru
Dated: 20.01.2014

SSCNARS has contributed at large by bringing both the researchers and analysts together in NARS. Such platform needs to be continued to reduce the gap between the 'data' and 'analysis'.

Ananta Sarkar
Senior Scientist, DRWA, Bhubaneswar
Dated: 13.03.2014

This SAS training of six days gave us a glimpse of SAS package. Its a very powerful tool. But to routinely use it for our statistical data analysis, a training of longer duration is needed ( at least 15-20 days).

Dr. Reena Sinha
Research Station at Dhiansar, SKUAST, Jammu
Dated: 22.04.2014

For organising such an interesting and informative SAS training course which will highly benefit all the scientists who are associated with research activity in Agriculture Sciences. Indian NARS Statistical Computing Portal is also an innovative approach to help all those who are not being so well versed with statistical applications. I hope that these type of training program will also be taken up in near future for the benefit of scientific community.

Parshant Bakshi
Associate Professor, Division of Fruit Science, SKUAST-Jammu
Dated: 22.04.2014

It is my pleasure to share with you my views on 6 days training program on SAS programme. This training programme, I come to know about SAS portal generated by IASRI New Delhi. Moreover, the program was extremely beneficial for NARS scientists and we learnt a lot. The EG guide developed is also quite helpful to me. On the whole, the programme was Excellent and hope that similar type of programme will be conducted in future also to enrich the scientist community.

Magdeshwar Sharma
Jr. Scientist (Entomology) Maize Breeding Research Sub Station,
Dated: 23.04.2014

The program was extremely beneficial for NARS scientists and we learnt a lot. Through this training programme, we came to know about SAS portal generated by IASRI New Delhi. Moreover the EG guide developed is also quite helpful to the learners. Overall the programme was good and hope that similar type of programme will be conducted to enrich the scientist community.

Rakesh Sharma
Assistant Professor, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Rajouri, SKUAST-Jammu
Dated: 23.04.2014

It was wonderful experience while attending the training programme. Thanks to Dr Prasad and his team for doing such valuable and remarkable job setting up Statistical portal. Statistics is used in most all streams and disciplines for academic and research purpose despite that SAS be the ultimate solution for it & provide us particularly me an opportunity to use this tool into administration. It certainly enriched our knowledge while hand-on experience SAS is most credible part.

Bharat Choudhary
Dated: 24.04.2014

As far as training on SAS for me is concerned, ... a boon to me to be a part of such training. Being the man of agricultural economics, this training is very useful for analysis of the research work. During training I understand so many important concepts of statistics and the usage of same through statistical computing environment. ... The NARS statistical Computing Portal has been well designed and developed for strengthening of the statistical computing for NARS.

Anil Bhat
Assistant Professor, Agricultural Economics,
Division of Agricultural Economics and Statistics, FoA, SKUAST-Jammu, Chatha
Dated: 25.04.2014

Statistical computing in any research is an important tool of any research and in this regard, Statistical Computing Environment created under NARS in India is a wonderful initiative for familiarizing the scientists about application of statistical package for simple and effective analysis of agricultural data for policy recommendation. The creation of Indian NARS Statistical Computing Portal under the scheme is a useful object for ready reference of any query in respect of statistical computing. I acknowledge the importance of this initiative and thanks SSCNARS for selecting me as a participant of their training programme organized at SKUAST-Jammu.

Sanjay Prakash Singh
Assistant Professor,
Division of Agricultural Economics & Statistics, SKUAST-Jammu, Main campus, Chatha
Dated: 29.04.2014

The training programme entitled Data analysis using SAS is very helpful for us regarding making future research programme for rainfed areas.

Vijay bahadur Singh
I/C RRSS, Raya, SKUAST-Jammu
Dated: 30.04.2014

Although every scientist of a SAU is aware of SPSS and other programmes for statistical analysis but the training on Data Analysis using SAS was a master piece. we the trainees were dumbfounded with the SAS programme. The teaching response of Trainers especially who had come from NDRI, IASRI etc. was overwhelming. They taught each and every lesson with so many examples and case studies. However, these type of training programmes should be a continuous process so that most of faculty gets learned of SAS programming.

Pardeep Wali
Deputy Director (Research),
SKUAST-Jammu, Bhour Camp, Chatha
Dated: 01.05.2014

On the Invitation for Installation Training

Please accept my hearty congratulations for acquiring "most sought after" package and making its accessibility to NARS Organizations.

Dr. B.S. Kulkarni (Nodal Officer for SAS)
Professor & Univesrity Head, Department of Statistics & Maths,
College of Agriculture, ANGRAU, Rajendranagar
Dated: 05.06.2010

Reply on sensitization emails

Thank you Dr. Prasad for the information and you excellent efforts in trying to uplift the statistical skills and resources of our Centre and NARS as a whole.

Dr. Nagendra K. Singh
National Professor B. P. Pal Chair, NRC on Plant Biotechnology
IARI, New Delhi
Dated: 25.09.2010

Very impressed with the success gained by the site for statistical analysis of IASRI, New Delhi. I hope such facility will be very useful for the scholars, scientists, teachers etc. in carrying data analysis... would make my effort to make the site popular among the scientists of IINRG Ranchi.

Dr. Niranjan Prasad
Principal Scientist, Processing and Product Development Division,
IINRG, Namkum, Ranchi
Dated: 10.03. 2013

Congratulations for the astonishing achievements which have been made possible due to your commitment to your work, ICAR and to the nation as a whole.

Sh. Himanshu
Dated: 13.03.2013

Congratulate you and your team for the efforts you are making to develop linkages with even youngest possible scientists in the system to come-up with the hypothesis of researches for actual interpretations which will make a sustainable space for Indian research in global science gallary from ICAR. Thanks for contacting each one of us through mail. We wish you all success and we will be in touch for our future endavours.

Dr. (Mrs.) P Sikka
Principal Scientist, Animal Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
CIRB, Hisar
Dated: 16.03.2013

Congratulations for wonderful work and deep remarkable exemplary contributions. Thank you so much for kind updates.

Dr. Dinesh Kumar
Principal Scientist, CABIN
IASRI, New Delhi
Dated: 18.04. 2013

Congratulation for having completed the gigantic tasks.

Dr. Anup Das
Senior Scientist (Agronomy), Division of Natural Resource Management,
ICAR RC for NEH Region, Umiam, Meghalaya
Dated: 21.04.2013